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Make it Happen

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Five years from now when the world looks back at 2020, what do you want to remember?

There’s plenty of things to choose and it’s easy to feel this like year was beyond your control. But what if your abiding memory was of you taking charge, and taking that big leap which forever changes not just your future, but that of everyone around you?

Running a business is full of tough decisions, they’re tough because they require a leap of faith – in yourself and those around you. Tough decisions can look deceptively small: start the conversation, schedule the meeting, delegate that project. Add a worldwide pandemic and all these decisions get harder, you doubt yourself more. But don’t. You made it this far, and there so much farther to go, you’re just getting started.

When we look back in five years, we want to remember those amazing partnerships that began today, with a conversation, with you.

So. Send that email. Schedule that meeting.

Make it happen.


Make the future. Entrepreneurs have an inner voice that whispers of something wrong. But for some entrepreneurs this voice is not a whisper but a ringing call. These people are dissatisfied, not just with today, but the path to tomorrow. Their frustration drives them to build and improve and change course, for all of us. Each step forward creates momentum for the next. It takes them far beyond ‘zero to one’. These people make the future.

Make it better. It’s impossible to ignore that tech can have negative impacts on our world – social, environmental, economic, technical. Yet technology is a tool, a source of incredible potential for solutions. Entrepreneurs want better. They look ahead, they see potential problems and solve them in advance. Solutions to our problems are hard, they aren’t obvious, and solving them will take more than just goodwill. It will take people from anywhere to solve problems for everywhere. It will take creativity, it will take empathy, it will take grit.

Make it happen. Nothing happens unless you make it happen. Draper Esprit invests in European high growth technology companies with global ambitions. We fuel their growth with capital, international networks, and decades of experience. ‘Make it happen’ is what our entrepreneurs demand of us, and we expect of them. It is what we owe each other. It is a call to arms and a creed. Join them, work with us. Make it happen.