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Draper Esprit statement on Brunei

Author: Simon Cook

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Following recent news from Brunei regarding the introduction of death by stoning for adultery and sex between men, Draper Esprit makes the following statement:

“As an inclusive employer and investor, we naturally abhor the recent announcement in Brunei. As with all publicly traded companies, our shares can be bought by all investors in the open market, and we can’t speak for the views and opinions of our investors. We’ve never taken money directly from the Brunei Investment Agency for ourselves or to invest into companies, they bought shares in the open market. They currently hold 4% of the Company and have no board representation or influence either on our company culture or our investment decisions. Our mission is to empower Europe to invent the future, and we believe that the future should be more equal. We back diverse teams and continue to make it our mission to ensure entrepreneurship is democratised and open to all.”

Simon Cook, CEO Draper Esprit

*This statement has been amended slightly on 04.04.2019 to clarify further our relationship with The Brunei Investment Agency