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Get a slice
of Europe’s fastest growing tech companies

We’ve opened up a new asset class to the public markets, so anyone can get a share in the future.

We build stakes to capture growth and value

To make the most of their potential; high-growth companies need longer term investment. We do just that – building stakes, generating growth, and creating value. We play an active role in the businesses, often taking a board seat.

Our experience counts

Our investment team have a long history of investing in tech and a track record of delivering an average of 20% annual portfolio returns.

Companies are private
for longer

We offer access to private companies that are growing rapidly. Current trends show that tech companies stay private for longer; with us, you get a share of the action.

Latest financial results

Financial Highlights

As of 31 March 2021


Gross Portfolio Value


Net Assets


available Plc cash, as well as £43m available from EIS/VCT funds


Profit after tax

What’s in a share?

Explore our portfolio

Discover the companies in our portfolio. Each one is driven by an exceptional team, with global potential to transform their sector.

We are committed to making Graphcore IPUs the standard for a new era of computing, letting innovators create the next, great breakthroughs in artificial intelligence. To achieve this, our investors need to be close partners who will work with us to build the company, who share our passion and vision and who can help us grow.

Nigel Toon, CEO & co-founder, Graphcore


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