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A successful investment strategy, with added EIS tax reliefs

Our EIS funds have been the highest rated EIS by the Tax Efficient Review for the past 5 years running, now with a score of 89/100.

Our secret? Late stage investments in companies with significant growth momentum, based on expert insight that comes from 20 years’ experience.

Next Closing Date: 5th October 2019 Capacity Available: YES

Future fundraising closing dates:


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Key information

A great track record

In the past 5 years, Draper Esprit have produced 22 profitable exits, with a combined value of over $3bn. Under today’s rules, most of these companies would qualify for EIS investments. And our EIS funds are now demonstrating cash distributions for investors.

Unparalleled investment

We focus on a scale of investment that is an order of magnitude larger than typical EIS funds, by co-investing alongside Draper Esprit plc funds and other syndicate investors.

A balance of scale-up and start-up capital

We target a majority (70%+) of our EIS investments at late stage, scale-up deals: companies with £2m-20m+ in revenues, and high growth rates.

A selective approach

We invest EIS funding into a target of 8-12 qualifying companies each year.

A minimum subscription

The minimum subscription is £25,000 – we aim to invest this within 12-18 months of each close.

Exits are one of our core strengths

Exits are most likely to be via trade sale (M&A) or initial public offering (IPO) and sale of shares.

Example portfolio companies

Graphcore design silicon chip processors advanced enough to meet the demands of artificial intelligence, machine learning, vision-based systems and robotics. The credentials of the CEO and CTO are proven: they co-founded Icera, a Draper Esprit portfolio company which later sold to NASDAQ-listed Nvidia for $367m*.

Draper Esprit EIS participated in a $30m initial total funding round, alongside Sequoia Capital, other high profile US VCs, and strategic industry investors including Samsung. Leading US VC Sequoia Capital has subsequently invested $50m.

EIS documents

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Encore Ventures Privacy Notice (2019)
Draper Esprit EIS Memorandum (2019)
Draper Esprit EIS Summary (2019)
Draper Esprit EIS – KID – effective from 26th April 2019
Encore Ventures Privacy Notice
Draper Esprit EIS- Portfolio Company Examples