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A successful investment strategy, with added EIS tax reliefs

Our EIS funds have been the highest rated EIS by the Tax Efficient Review for the past 5 years running, now with a score of 89/100.

Our secret? Late stage investments in companies with significant growth momentum, based on expert insight that comes from 20 years’ experience.

Next Closing Date: 5th January 2022 Capacity Available: YES

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Key information

A great track record

In the past 5 years, Draper Esprit have produced 22 profitable exits, with a combined value of over $3bn. Under today’s rules, most of these companies would qualify for EIS investments. And our EIS funds are now demonstrating cash distributions for investors.

Unparalleled investment

We focus on a scale of investment that is an order of magnitude larger than typical EIS funds, by co-investing alongside Draper Esprit plc funds and other syndicate investors.

A balance of scale-up and start-up capital

We target a majority (70%+) of our EIS investments at late stage, scale-up deals: companies with £2m-20m+ in revenues, and high growth rates.

A selective approach

We invest EIS funding into a target of 8-12 qualifying companies each year.

A minimum subscription

The minimum subscription is £25,000 – we aim to invest this within 12-18 months of each close.

Exits are one of our core strengths

Exits are most likely to be via trade sale (M&A) or initial public offering (IPO) and sale of shares.

Example portfolio companies

Graphcore design silicon chip processors advanced enough to meet the demands of artificial intelligence, machine learning, vision-based systems and robotics. The credentials of the CEO and CTO are proven: they co-founded Icera, a Draper Esprit portfolio company which later sold to NASDAQ-listed Nvidia for $367m*.

Draper Esprit EIS participated in a $30m initial total funding round, alongside Sequoia Capital, other high profile US VCs, and strategic industry investors including Samsung. Leading US VC Sequoia Capital has subsequently invested $50m.

Perkbox is an internet-based platform for businesses of all sizes, giving employees a range of over 200 perks and rewards such as cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, mobile phone insurance, etc. Over half a million employees have engaged through the Perkbox platform. It is designed to improve staff engagement and interaction between management and teams through a variety of perks, services, and a recognition tool. The proposition is popular with businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to blue chip multinationals.

Draper Esprit EIS originally invested in 2016 alongside Draper Esprit PLC. In that year the company over tripled their revenue and has continued its growth trajectory since.

EIS documents

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Draper Esprit EIS- Portfolio Company Examples
Draper Esprit EIS Memorandum (2020/21)
Draper Esprit EIS Summary 2020
Encore Ventures Privacy Notice (2019)
Draper Esprit EIS Summary (2019)
Draper Esprit EIS – KID – effective from 26th April 2019
Draper Esprit EIS Memorandum (2019)
Encore Ventures Privacy Notice