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Affordably transforming earth observation: an interview with ICEYE

Whether it's mini satellites bringing mobile phone signals to far flung places of the world, or your very own SunCube for $1,000, increased and affordable access to Earth observation hardware is providing businesses and governments alike, the ability to monitor natural disasters in almost real time or continue to make the world a more connected and data rich place.

Building a legal process that works for everyone: our investment in Apperio

Much has been said about the potential for Legal Tech to drive change. While technology has been rapidly changing industries such as financial services and traditional retail, technology's impact on the legal industry to date seems more limited.

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Booking business trips should be easier, our investment in Roomex

The corporate travel industry is changing rapidly, with international markets continuing to open up to European businesses through improved transportation and advancement in communications.

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Content is no longer king….emotion is the new kid on the block

In a report released by the Content Marketing Institute, 91% of B2B businesses and 86% of B2C businesses use content marketing as a method to connect with their customers and generate revenue. However, while content has been a vital part of any digital marketing over the past 15 years, it is no longer possible to get away with creating a 500-word article, stuffy white paper, or bulky report to generate leads and increase brand reputation.

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