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Your first backers, funded.

We have backed seed funds from across Europe to fuel the next generation of inventors and visionaries.

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Our strategy: tenacious scouts and partners in crime

The tech ecosystem relies on a group of resilient souls, willing to back entrepreneurs when all you have is a vision, a powerpoint, and a minimum viable product in your back pocket. We wanted to ensure your first backers have enough firepower to help you set up shop, so we built a community of seed funds in Europe to do just that. We are then lucky enough to help many of their companies scale up when they need later stage funding to grow.

Naturally, we picked the best of the bunch. These are funds with a different way of investing. They work tirelessly with their founders, not stopping until they reach their potential. Whether hunting for a company about to change the way we eat in France, or how we manufacturer products in Berlin, or the next piece of ground-breaking hardware in Sweden- they always have one eye on the next trend. They are our scouts, and our partners in crime.

Looking to get early funding?
Get some tips from the pros.

Fred DestinStride VC

"However you decide to pitch your business, remember that people invest in people. Reach across that table and create a meaningful connection."

Fred Destin
Stride VC

Beatriz GonzálezSeaya Ventures

“There are so many tips about how to pitch but nobody talks about listening. Start by asking the questions. Try to understand what type of investor you are pitching to. What do they like, what does their portfolio look like, what to they look for in a team, in a company? You have to listen before you talk."

Beatriz González
Seaya Ventures

Reshma SohiniSeedcamp

"Target the best-fit investor(s) for your sector, stage and progress. Founders often make the mistake of talking to the biggest brand, VC or Angel or, worse, a complete scattergun approach. Fundraising is hard work as it is, much harder if you aren't focused on who you should speak with and why."

Reshma Sohini