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For teams with global ambition, it’s a distinctly unfair advantage

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About Draper Venture Network

The Draper Venture Network is a global community of funds and startups. Founded by Tim Draper, an early backer of Skype, Baidu and Tesla, the network exists to connect teams to the right investors, corporates or talent at the right time, from across the globe.

The network brings together over 24 independent VC firms from across the world to support each other’s portfolio, share best practice, and gain insight. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, the Draper Venture Network also has a dedicated team to facilitate growth.

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Global firepower

From Silicon Valley to China, Mexico to Japan, Portugal to Finland, the network has you covered. Whether you are looking to launch in a new market, make commercial connections, or fundraise internationally, we have your back.

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Making Connections

Been knocking your head against the wall, trying to reach a big, global corporate? Looking for exit opportunities? All Draper Esprit companies can request bespoke introductions to a vast number of corporate contacts. Meanwhile, a team based in Silicon Valley will keep you up to date with their latest trends shaping the agendas of large corporates.

CEO Summit

Once a year, every fund in the Draper Network gathers its CEOs together to meet the leading thinkers in Silicon Valley. It’s a chance to speed-date with corporates, share insight, and get a grasp of the technology trends that are shaping every corner of the globe. Previous speakers? Little-known figures like Elon Musk,, Sam Harris, and Justin Khan.