Simon Cook

Posted by DFJ Esprit, 20 Aug 2014

Simon is the CEO of Draper Esprit PLC, which IPO’d on the London and Irish stock exchanges in 2016. Simon has been involved with the European VC industry since 1995 and co-founded Draper Esprit in 2005. He has been involved with a number of Europe’s most successful startups including Lovefilm (Amazon), Cambridge Silicon Radio (IPO), Virata (IPO), nCipher (IPO) and KVS (Symantec). He currently works with Trustpilot, Graze, Crowdcube, Perkbox and Podpoint. Previously Simon was a partner with Cazenove Private Equity, which Draper Esprit acquired in 2006; a partner at Elderstreet Investments, which Draper Esprit acquired in 2016; and an Investment Director of 3i Technology Europe, which Draper Esprit acquired in 2009. He was a computer games developer early in his career and is a Computer Science graduate of the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology (UMIST).